What are your delivery hours?
– Our hours are 4:30pm – 9pm

What does it cost?
– 15% above regular menu price, minimum delivery charge of $5.50.

Do I have to tip the driver?
– Of course you do! Customary is 15-20%

Can I order from restaurants not on the website?
– Yes, but for an additional charge.

What is the minimum order?
– $20

How long does it take for delivery?
– It varies from restaurant to delivery location. Typically it is 30-60min.

Is everything on the delivery menu the same as in the restaurant?
– Yes, the menu is the same as if you were dining at the restaurant.

What about drinks?
– We offer Coca Cola products for $1 per can or $5 per 6-pack. *It is illegal for us to deliver alcoholic beverages.

Does Express Restaurant Delivery keep a record of my past orders?
– Currently we do not.

Where do you deliver?
– We deliver nearly all of Hilton Head with a few exceptions. *We do NOT Deliver to Bluffton.

Can I order from different restaurants at the same time?
– Yes you can, but it may extend the delivery time.

How can I get my favorite restaurant on Express Restaurant Delivery?
– Make recommendations to us by emailing us at and make a recommendation to your favorite restaurant that they should join our service.

Can I order in advance?
– Sure! You can order hours or days in advance. We will work with you to accommodate your needs.

How do I pay?
– We accept all major credit cards, travelers checks and cash. No personal checks sorry.

Does my food arrive hot?
– Yes! Our drivers all carry the most advanced insulated food delivery bags currently available. We rarely deliver more than one order at a time.

Are your drivers insured?
– All drivers must have current insurance, drivers license and registration.

How will I know if it is your delivery at my door?
– All our cars are marked with Express Restaurant Delivery magnets to insure safety for our customers along with shirts with our logo on them.

Want to eat out but don’t want to go out? No problem, we have you covered! You can have your dinner delivered from your favorite restaurants on Hilton Head Island.

How to Order

Simply select your Cuisine then Restaurant and give Express Restaurant Delivery a Call 843.785.7155 or text 843.290.3278 to place your order.

**When you TEXT your Order, please INCLUDE the following:

1. The Restaurant you want to order from
2. Your First and Last Name
3. Your Cell Number
4. Your Email Address
5. Your Hilton Head Island Address And Community or Plantation

**You will receive a Text back with the price of your order and delivery ETA. Please have payment ready for the mobile wait staff in the form of VISA, MASTERCARD, DISCOVER, AMERICAN EXPRESS, OR CASH. NO PERSONAL CHECKS. Thank You!